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Pounding the Pavement August 23, 2011

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Tuesday (August 23) proved to be a really great day, full of learning and making wonderful connections.

I arrived to Grand Central to have my first meeting of the day:

Apparently there is an old-fashioned elevator in Grand Central. Very thankful for it when lugging my suitcase around!

I am going to be taking an intense seminar that will be three, 12-hour days of learning, and will cover Theatre (non-musical), Movies, TV and Commercials.  It will be a whirl-wind of acting and learning for sure!  A little nervous about it, but excited to get some brush-ups on my acting, training in fields I’m not as familiar with, and to get to meet some top people in the industry.  For this particular seminar, I will get to work on material with Casting Directors who specialize in each genre of Acting work, and then to present the material on camera for Talent Agents from each field.  Cool! 🙂

Anyway, This meeting was with a Commercials Casting Director, to pre-pick the Commercial I would be working on with him for the seminar.  The Casting Director had me look through cue cards that he had set up on a table, and I was to find some different choices of Commercials that I felt drawn to.  We took a couple into a room, where he had me read through each to determine which one would be mine.  He told me that I look young, but that I sound more mature, making it a bit harder to find a good match.  We ended up picking a Commercial on Cottage Cheese, where I get to play a sarcastic teenager. 🙂

I also was instructed to write my own Commercial, and to bring the typed copy to this meeting for the Casting Director to look over.  My Commercial was on (surprise, surprise) Starbucks!  The thinking behind preparing your own copy is that it will be more passionate and realistic if the actor writes and presents it, rather than only using a pre-written one.  There weren’t many changes made to my self-written Commercial, but the few tweaks made it so much better!  Now to learn them both and work on it with him at the course!

The next stop in my day was a FREE Musical Theatre Audition class.  I wish it was a little longer than the 2 hours we had (since the Earthquake rumblings prevented us from starting on time), but it was super informative, and run by a woman who used to Produce and Cast Musicals on Broadway.  The whole point of the class was to learn how to prevent nerves from messing up an audition, and to get in touch with your “inner self,” VS. letting external factors get in your way (like if the auditioners are on their phone when you are singing).  The first half of the class was more of a lecture, and then for the last hour, she picked 3 random people to work with as they performed a song of their choice.  Very cool, and very helpful.

Guy jamming on the street on various garbage cans, even using the scaffolding as an instrument

THEN, stop number 3 was to meet with a wonderful man who used to be a Talent Agent in the city.  I am so relieved to have a mentor who can show me what I am doing right/wrong in this business, and what I can do to improve and move forward.  This career path can be such a lonely guessing game sometimes, so it is important to have someone who can steer you in the right direction.  Thank you, Larry!! 🙂

So, all in all, the day proved to be a very beneficial and exciting one.  YAY! 😀

As a side note, this was the “aftermath of the earthquake” in the apartment I was staying in:



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